Thursday, November 24, 2011

The onion flea repellent

As a plant lover, you would have used to maintain and pursue all the plants in your garden flourish. But what would happen if your favorite plant lice white? Do not panic, there's an easy way to force the tick out of hiding for further eradicated. White Lice(Bermisia tabacci) is difficult to control because it lodged in the hidden, for examplein the armpits Sansevieria leaves. In order for these mites come out you can use agarlic extract. The trick made ​​five cloves of garlic juice is then filtered to take water.Garlic extract was dissolved in 1 liter of water then sprayed on the plant lice,especially on the sidelines of the leaf. An hour later a white lice will appear on the surface. At that moment a systemic insecticide dose of 1 ml / l was sprayed toeradicate. The next day, remove ticks attached to the leaves with a cloth moistened with a solution of detergent or soap. Nahh your favorite plants free from infestation of white bullies.


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